some thoughts after “Oppositaer Tresen”

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The “meeting of the opposites” of last saturday was incredibly surprising us for many reasons.. It could be very difficult in future to find the same quality of live acts, the same great work of the autonomous collectives who run Potse/Drugstore since 30 years providing alternative cultural free space in a difficult district of Berlin where almost is gentrified and exploited for tourism/capitalism. Night like that let us hope for a better future of horizontal culture brought by many artists –whose popularity is by no means significance of better or worse talent- for an audience that is able to sympathize and empathize, an audience that can challenge their certainties or cultural conveniences, an audience that does not have to be a spectator but an active part of the scene, no longer slaves of hypnotic notes of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin“.  

Destroy the trends and the socio-cultural apathy of the subordinate class, of the workers must be our battle because the only culture can emancipate the modern slave from their new masters.