Freedom of Movement benefit party in Rauchhaus, 09.06.17

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from 20.00 : KuFA, performances and experimental dancefloor with

Global Setting(concrete cosmos/metzgertherapie)

from 00.00 : after party

Max (A sound – happy hardcore)

Egon Frinz (Datacide)

Thalium (live hardcore from budapest)

Telesport (live free tekno from budapest)

Unprofessional (industrial)

Keep in touch here for further informations!


Concrete Cosmos – oneyrodynia (OTS02CD) out now!

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Oppositaer 02

Concrete Cosmos – Oneyrodynia


ostrakon (live studio recording with GDM, Aekre, Ari Nev in 2015)

ortlos/omikron (performed live with Aekre, Ari Nev at the “Truebe Aussichten fuer die Burgeoisie” Datacide fundraiser at ZGK, 2015)

untitled (performed live with Ari Nev, GIFT! in Ueberraschung in 2017)

The tape release was announced in Datacide16 on winter 2017. Unfortunately economic problem created obstacles to this release. The CDr release is out on 17/05/2017, it is an auto-production including cardboard inserts realized by HMTL://S.

concrete cosmos’ oneyrodynia and further (d)evolution

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The forthcoming tape Oneyrodynia will be our(Ari Nev) last contribution to the Concrete Cosmos project/collective.

There are no more reasons -by our side- to label events, releases or whatever with this acronym.



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raison d’etre

blind lovers

after interferences


silent dialogues


music ends

no chance

avoid our perception

blind visions




they met


wasting time

and time


the cycles of river

no rage

when our time comes

you’ll touch

my ephemeral


YAYA23 Label Night + Oppositaer/Noisebegriff at Kili, 3.3.17

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The blacktop is hot these winter days in CET Europe but we will be back from Vienna in time to host this musical navigation gathering together with our friends from the top of the Kilimanjaro and the travelling messengers coming in.

The experimental floor will be hosted by Oppositaer & Noisebegriff.

Live shows will and improvisations will take place also in the beginning of the evening so to get the full display early attendance is recomended also due to limited capacities….

Ticket pre-sale exclusively in YAYA23 / PRAXIS record shop.

Playerz on the main floor :

Munsha_ ( )_live
Dat Zekt_( doppel++ ungut )_dj
Re;not_( atnt / cyberrise )_liveset
Lehu_( HCC / obs.c.)_liveset
Control Delete_( atnt / cyberrise )_dj
biNi_( rodor / overblast )_liveset
YaYa_( cyberrise / atnt )_dj

Playerz on the experimental floor:

Akre_(Concrete Cosmos)
Control Delete_( atnt / cyberrise )_dj
Ari Nev_(Oppositaer)
Zombieflesheater_(Kritik Am Leben)_dj
More TBA

further evolutive effects will be posted.

Kili Kulturhaus, Wiesenweg 5, Berlin (near Ostkreuz/F.Furt Allee S Bahn)

No Borders/No Muos benefit , Köpi, 28.01.17

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flyer front lang 2 copia

Benefit gathering in the self organised rooms of Köpi 137 in Berlin for the activists collective “No Borders” in Bologna/Milano, “Associazione Askavusa” in Lampedusa and “No Muos” in Sicily fighting for the freedom of movement for migrants  and for the dismantlement of the MUOS station in Sicily.
The MUOS station is controlling and directing most of the USA military communications within the key scenario in the Mediterranean Area. Furthermore, the station is causing deaths and general health danger due to its High Frequency Emissions.
We support the activists collective who are actively fighting for the right to live in a territory free from military occupations, borders control and racism against migrants.
Many activists of No Muos and No Borders movements have dealt with strong repression, court appeals and high legal costs. We want to do more than just collect funds, we want to create awareness here in Berlin. In order to do so, we would like to invite you all for an open debate and workshop with the activists involved. It is now necessary to create a stream of informations in opposition to the wave of repression in Europe and its so called Borders.

FROM 17.00 in Köpi:

Talks and open discussion with:

Valeria Indovina 

activist of No Muos movement, author of essays concerning the legal battle of the No Muos association against the Muos station in Niscemi, Sicily.

Claudio Abu Sara

activist of No Muos, International Solidarity Movement(active in the occupied Palestine) and Freedom Flotilla expedition in 2015. Author of the forthcoming book about his recent travel in Turkey “Fuochi bombe prigioni, la Turchia di Erdogan”.

++ There will be intervention from activists of No Borders network active in North Italy and from the Associazione Askavusa of Lampedusa.

++ Küfa 

 ++Photo Exhibition and installations by MigrAction Shop Milano

“The Way up to Here” ideated by Carlo Cambirasio and Flavia Scirè


FROM 21.00 in Köpi Keller:

Benefit live concerts and party with


Arkam Arcadia (live / Datacide- BLN)

Les Boucles Etranges (live / THC – FR)

Base Force One (live / Praxis – INT)

Les Enfants Sages (live / barouf – FR)

Lehu (live / HCC – PL)

Grindmaster Flesh (Kritik am Leben – BLN)

Ari Nev (oppositaer)

Chantal (cyberrise – BLN)

Aekre (concrete cosmos)


Check this page for further updates!

in the rooms of Köpi 137 , Köpenickerstr. 137 , Berlin


YAYA23 Label Night+Noisebegriff/Oppositaer at Kili

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Back in Kili for a full immersion into Acid Tekno on the main floor while Oppositaer and Noisebegriff(Praxis) hosting live concerts and dj sets from experimental to breakcore!!

Main Floor
Vikkei – live (YAYA23/OBS CUR-IT)
YAYA (Cyberrise-INT)

eXPErimental Floor
Ari Nev & GIFT! – live (oppositaer/A++)
Base Force One – live (Praxis)
Zombieflesheater (Kritik am Leben)
Sinister Sveta – live

entry: 7 euro

5 euro presale ticket at YAYA/PRAXIS SHOP in lenbachstr. 9, OstX

Kili Kulturhaus, wiesenweg 5, berlin OstX

Video of Praxis presents Datacide fundraiser 06-03-2015

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A glad gift from Praxis and Datacide crew which discovered some footage of the intensive fundraiser for Datacide magazine in Subversiv, Berlin.

Thought personally was one of the best live set ever played with Aekre, result of a combination of hardware which is now no more possible to repeat.. That was, indeed, the last time we played that tunes!

Here also the full live set played by Ari Nev & Aekre:

ANTIREP soliparty, Rauchhaus, 19.11.16

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To support legal costs about this year’s Mayday demo and equipment repairing of our sound after this long year of benefits, free parties and demo around berlin and europe!

With KuFa, zines, anarcho DIY screen prints and more!

From 20.00:
fgnugn (power ambient aus berlin)
Evapori (experimental aus hamburg)
Control+Delete (live impro noise, f.IL)
Wide Scope Orchestra (gift!+ken mutant+fluss pluss)

from 00.00: afterparty with
YAYA (cyberrise, INT)
Chantal (cyberryse, NL)
Grant (uglyfunk, UK)
Ari Nev & Aekre (oppositaer/concrete cosmos)


In the rooms of Georg von Rauchhaus, Mariannenplatz 1a, Kreuzberg 36

No space for nationalism, sexism, racism!


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Hihi, thanks to all listeners, a very special number is reached: